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 What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about a home inspection? Think about it twice and you will realize that all you can think about is a good home inspection company that will provide you exceptional services and a number of warranties that will keep your investment safe. It is undoubtedly a very important thing to choose your home inspection company wisely because when you talk about a home inspection, a good home inspection company is something we cannot ignore as there are many bad incidents to prove that when we sign an unprofessional home inspection company, they wreck the experience one way or another. So it is better to go for a company that has a good name and reputation in the market. How do know that? Always check the reviews on their website and social media. Also try to find customer testimonials, this way you will get to know if the people who used their services are completely satisfied with them or not. Checking the reviews where people rate them through stars is also another way to know what is up with their reputation in the market and in the eyes of people who paid for their services. Positive word of mouth also has a great impact when it comes to services like these because people have one on one experience with them and then if they are suggesting their services, this means that they actually did a great job. When we talk about Home Inspections Atlanta Georgia has many great names but what makes a company distinct from the others? Because many can offer the same warranties and offers that could attract customers and trap them into buying their services, mostly all of them have the same warranties and guarantees that make them seem legit but only one thing that makes or breaks a home inspection company’s reputation is their home inspectors. Yes, you heard it right! A home inspector is someone that plays a major role in a home inspection or we can easily state that the complete home inspection experience depends upon how your home inspector was. If the home inspector was friendly and detailed about the whole procedure, the owner of the house or the person present there at that time will be very vocal about the services they got but if the home inspector was rigid or in some way was unable to communicate with them, this can cause a problem.

If you live in Atlanta or looking to buy a house there, Champia Real Estate Inspections is the right choice for you, and here are the reasons why:

They are Accessible. They are providing the real estate sector seven days a week which means that a smooth experience is promised to you whether you are a real estate agent, buyer, seller, or just someone who wants a regular inspection for your house. No one is caught off guard and everyone remains in the loop about what is happening and when. This provides a sense of familiarity between both parties and it results in a pleasant experience once everything is done.

They are Accountable. They are guaranteed to be the best choice in the real estate sector as they are true to their words and provide a 200% guarantee in their inspection services. In addition to this, they have partnered with Residential Warranty Services to offer a number of residential inspection warranties that are included in every home inspection performed by Champia Real Estate Inspections. They also cover for any unforeseen circumstances and in addition to this, also provide $1MM and E&O coverage.

They are Accurate. Champia Real Estate Inspections have been serving the state of Atlanta since 1987 and since then, they have completed over 50,000 inspections which say a lot about them as a home inspection company. Along with that, their report delivery time which is 24 hours provides a sense of satisfaction to their customers in a way that all will be done soon and accurately hence they need nothing to be worried about.

The major factor which says a lot about a company is their home inspectors and along with all the perks that they are providing to their customers, they have the best home inspectors in Atlanta who are known for their friendly behavior and how they involve the owner of the house in the whole process through making them feel comfortable about whatever is happening around. They make sure to make them follow each step so they will understand the whole process and can pinpoint flaws in the future if similar problems occur in the meantime. This is done in order to make them familiar with their own house and how to notice small changes so they will know when to go for an inspection again. The ideal time to get a home inspection again is to get in after two years if no problem is spotted again in the meantime.

Real Estate Inspections is a term used to inspect a property either commercial or residential in order to know that the concerned property does not have any issues that need to be resolved so that the residents or the people working at a commercial property are safe and there are no issues that are going to cause some major expenditures in the future. If there is something that needs to be fixed, this should be done as soon as possible before it causes a major amount of expense to you just because of negligence and the mere fact that precautions were not taken for maintenance and now repairs will cost you a lot just because of that. To avoid this, we will always recommend you to get a property inspection done so that all the doubts have been cleared and you must stay at peace regarding any unforeseen problems occurring and causing distress for you. If you own a property already, it is important to get it inspected on a regular basis in order to give you the satisfaction that the place where you are spending a major portion of your day either your house or your office, is safe for you and the other people present at the property. Apart from that, getting an inspection done can save you from a lot of problems about which you have no idea. There can be many situations and to deal with them, this can be described as a necessary evil as many people are not comfortable in paying the price they have to in order to get a quality property inspection done.


Let’s discuss in what situations, a property inspection will help you.

Suppose if you have a commercial property, say an office building where a major number of people are working. Their health is at stake if you are not getting regular inspections done and other structural issues can also be a problem for you. For example, if there is a structural issue found out that could have been avoided if regular inspections were taking place, your work will stop and you have to get your office evacuated in order to get all the repairs done so that will be a loss for you and it will cause distress for everyone.

Now if we put the possibility of an office having problems radon, bad air quality, presence of asbestos, impure water and other issues like this that can be a hazard for the health of the people working there, it is the responsibility of the owner to get it inspected regularly for the sake of his workers and a smooth workflow. Not to sound insensitive, but if you offer health insurance to your workers then it must be your top priority to get the place inspected for such issues as the cost of an inspection is nothing as compared to what you have to pay if one of your workers or a few of them develop health issues due to negligence at your workplace or even your health can be in danger if we put it in that scenario. We can take an example of the health hazards caused by radon. It is an odorless and colorless gas that causes lung cancer if inhaled for a longer period of time so it is better to get your workplace inspected by a trustworthy company that will not misguide you about the whole scenario.

For Radon testing Atlanta has many good options but we should go for something more reliable which is tried and tested by many and people were not disappointed by them at the end of the services they got. Champia Real Estate Inspections offer residential as well as commercial inspections and have years of experience and five-star positive reviews to back their services and the authenticity of their work. For their commercial inspections, they cover a general overview of all the major systems present in the commercial building which can be the structure of the building, plumbing, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), electrical, exterior, and interior of the building. Interior inspection includes all the general steps in a regular inspection that covers the inspections for commercial properties like low-rise office complexes, restaurants, churches, warehouses, apartment complexes, investment properties, and other types of buildings. Champia Real Estate Inspection follows ASTM standards 2018-01 which is also known as PCA (property condition assessment). Another important point is that they try their best to facilitate and educate the client hence in their reports, a detailed analysis of the inspection, digital photos for further understanding, and a compiled summary of all the areas of concern are included.

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